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About The Work

Miniature Pastel Paintings

Painting Process

I use full size soft pastels sticks and pastel pencils.  The process begins with a sketch  on acid free paper that is the same proportions as the full size original panting only in 1" = 1" size. Then begins a multi-layering of pastels.  The trick is to not lose the  unique glow of the pastels by adding too many or too dark layers. It takes hours and hours to achieve this result.  This process  often that stretches into weeks and weeks.


All miniature soft pastel paintings are framed under micro glass.  They are framed in the french method which places the painting surface directly on the glass.  The panting is then sealed with tape to a backing board. (all acid free)  That sandwich of board, painting, and glass provides compact unit.  The miniature pastel paintings have been shipped all over the United States with no damage or movement of pastel pigment.

The frames used are exceptionally high quality frames.  The real wood frames are made in the United States by wonderful craftsmen.  The elaborately detailed gold frames are made in England by John Hodgson, who is renowned in the miniature world. The originals were hand carved by John from  original frames in stately homes mansions and are  12K gold plated onto resin. 

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